How can divorce
coaching help you?

  • Stop the pain of heartbreak
  • Manage conflict & find resolution
  • Empower your children to cope
  • Boost your confidence & self-esteem
  • Create a new exciting future
  • Start to feel happy again!
What is the coaching process?
Understanding your personal situation and what you want and need is the first step. Are you sure you want to leave your marriage or are you struggling to move on now that you are divorced? Every divorce journey is individual and my services are tailored to suit you and your personal requirements.
Coaching begins by providing you with the techniques and strategies that will help you to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of divorce, and help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Together we will build your personal strength so that you can deal with negative emotions more effectively, enabling you to heal as you move forward.
Wherever you are in your Separation Journey I will show you what each stage will involve, and ensure that you have an effective Divorce Support Team to help in any scenario. This is essential for ensuring that you feel supported and have expert advice whenever you need it.
I will provide you with a bespoke tool kit of practical strategies and techniques that will help you to navigate your divorce with confidence and emotional control. Together, we will uncover the real you. We will find what makes you tick and motivates you in life as a single person again.
Define an action plan that will inspire you to keep moving forward towards a new, exciting future. Sign up now to get 20% off your first coaching session! If you decide to continue with coaching, I can offer a number of sessions tailored to your individual needs.
Divorce is a painful and difficult time. It can be even more so, for children.
More information

Paula was a trusted, valued and highly respected member of our school team. She supported children and their families at times when they were dealing with various issues, including family break-up, which affected their mental health and well-being. With experience in adopting a range of strategies and approaches enabling her to communicate effectively with vulnerable children and gain their trust. She always maintains a professional approach and liaise well with parents to maintain a holistic approach. As a result of the work she provided, children were able to make progress with their learning in school, despite the issues they were dealing with in their personal lives. Paula completely supports the understanding that the mental health of young people is essential in order for them to fulfill their potential.

Sonia Strickland, Executive Headteacher
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