Keep on Swimming Freddie

Excellent book, sensitively written.

Helping young ones to understand and navigate their parents divorce

Keep On Swimming Freddie

A colourful children’s picture book about Freddie the Fish and how he copes with the separation of his parents from the emotions he goes through, to the way he can speak about his feelings. This gently reassuring story focuses on how to express emotions and form understanding when parents divorce, while the sensitive illustrations help to convey the idea to a younger audience. This book will help children embrace even the most difficult of changes with a open and more optimistic heart.

  • Paula Crowhurst
  • Randini Senevirathna
  • Divorce for Children
  • August 26th, 2021
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A lovely story to help children get a better understanding of their emotions, with lots of beautiful images and activities to complete. I would highly recommend this book to anyone going through a break up with children!

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