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QueenBee Talks is a podcast for women by women, hosted by magazine Editor, Kathryn Grace. We dive into topics that matter in all walks of life, while sharing thoughtful discussions and personal stories. We want to be your weekly dose of inspiration, insight, and humour!

QueenBee Magazine Issue 20-21

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queenbee magazine

As a member of The Hug Directory I can now be booked through The Group Hug with a wide range of services available. Many people engage with a Divorce Coach as a first step to help them to decide which type of professional they need. A coach can actually help you with the way you deal with your divorce and could see you handling it in such a way that you take the fire out of the situation. You could then end up with quite a simple process, gaining what you want in a less stressful way.

The Group Hug was originally founded as The First Wives Club, starting out as ‘The Ascot and Sunninghill First Wives Club’ on Facebook on 26th February 2017. We have a safe and anonymous space to talk freely in our forum. Simply change your real name to a posting name. We have a legal expert who drops in every few days to answer questions in her area along with a business coach, life coach, image consultant and our very own dating guru. We don’t want any man or woman to feel alone. Gain support from others, whatever you may be going through in life. Offer support by chatting in our safe and anonymous online forums. Strength in numbers.


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