I was at the lowest point in my life when thankfully, I found Paula (Polly Bloom). After discovering that my husband was having an affair, he seemed to have turned into a completely different person to the man I had known for over 40 years. Honestly, I can say that without Paula’s help, I’m not sure I would be where I am today. As soon as I read her website, I knew I had to contact her. After speaking to various counsellors but none of them helped, they just nodded their heads and said how difficult things must be, but this gave me nothing to help me get back on my feet. Paula was different. I knew that I had chosen the right person to help me.

She was kind and empathetic, because she has been through a similar situation herself. Her insight into how totally distraught and broken I was feeling, was like a breath of fresh air. She listened to my story and understood how much grief and pain I was suffering. I booked a course of 6 sessions with her and over that time I looked forward to seeing her and being able to off-load my thoughts and feelings. She is very approachable, so I found it easy to open up to her, it was such a relief knowing someone understood how I felt.

My whole life had crumbled and I was lost! She gave me courage and helped me recognise the person I am in my own right and made suggestions on how to cope moving forward, how to deal with the really bad times and how to rebuild myself and life. She has such a positive outlook as she knows we can become stronger and better than before. We just need someone to help us with that. It’s still early days for me, I am going through divorce proceedings, but I am already stronger because of Polly Bloom’s help and support and I am thankful that I can contact Paula whenever I need more help and guidance along the way. If you are reading this then you are probably at rock bottom. You desperately need someone to talk to, to cry to, to understand and care, to hold your hand and pick you up from the broken person you have become. Paula is that person, give her a call, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Anonymous

So positive & understanding. Particularly where children are involved! Her heart-warming and compassionate approach make her so easy to talk to when sometimes that is what we need most.

Mr N.S

Last September, I found Paula through instagram. Her posts resonated with me as at the time I was reeling in shock from the end of my 22 year marriage. Family and friends were there to talk to but nobody I knew close to me had been in this situation. I found myself talking about my husband and the end our marriage over and over again, also being terrified of the future and in a very dark place. After messaging Paula she called me and I knew instantly she was the Divorce Coach I wanted to work with. Her words were so comforting, she had been in a very similar position to me so she could understand exactly how I felt.

Roll on 7 months later and I am in a very different head space a place I thought I would never get to, all achieved with Paula’s coaching. I feel more positive and less afraid of the future. With her background of working with Children Paula’s experience has been invaluable in guiding me to help and support my son to cope with the break up of the family unit. It’s not just a business to Paula, it’s a passion and her words to me on our first call were, I am here for you 24/7 and she really means that.

Mrs M

“Anyone going through a difficult breakup will find Paula’s wealth of experience and wisdom, a tonic. Paula’s support feels personal and she has a good toolbox of practical help. You feel seen and heard. This helps you to draw strength no matter how unfair the breakup has been. Paula wants the best for you and she opens your eyes to how you can do this. A professional and passionate divorce coach.”


“I have worked with multiple therapists and Paula has a way that is unique compared to all. I felt very cared for. More than just one of her clients, but someone who she really cares about. I also feel she is extremely down to earth, practical and insightful. I actually wanted suggestions and an honest talk with useful feedback and this is what I got. This approach broke through my constantly thinking and unhelpful mind. She helped me to see clearly the pros and cons of my thinking towards divorce. This clarity helped with my thoughts and also to know clearly, that I do not want to divorce my wife. Thank you Paula.”

Mr G

“I had some deep set emotional upset going back over 30 years and that combined with separating from my partner of 27 years I found myself not coping with a number of aspects in my life. I was finding it difficult to deal with my ex partner and one of my children, my confidence had taken a battering and I couldn’t understand why I was feeling like I did. Paula was recommended to me, and I am so grateful to have met her.

I had a six week coaching programme with Paula and found it extremely helpful. Paula helped me to work through my emotional baggage and gave me practical tools to help build my confidence up. She also taught me how to spot the signs when I’m becoming overwhelmed emotionally so that I can address the feelings early on. I cannot recommend this lady highly enough.”


“I’ve just had consultation with Paula from Polly Bloom about my situation – I have to say Paula is brilliant and extremely helpful. I think the advice she gives will really help me move forward in the best way. Such positive helpful and understanding advice. Thoroughly recommend her services for anyone having relationship issues.”


“Polly has helped me in so many ways. I was at rock bottom when I made contact with her. To cut a long story short, I am going through a divorce and I was at my lowest point. Polly replied to my message straight away and had a chat with me. I didn’t feel judged or rushed by her, but the opposite, she is a very good listener. It’s not quite over yet, but I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for your continuous support.”


“Three years ago, I met a new partner after divorcing my ex husband of 25 years. My new partner’s daughter (who is in her twenties) has, from the very beginning made things really difficult for me and her father to the point where I was questioning my future with this guy. I sought Paula’s help and support as I was at the brink of walking away from what was otherwise a beautiful relationship.

Paula was amazing, she helped me with structuring conversations with my partner’s daughter and gave me advice and practical tips on how to deal with her unreasonable behaviour. The situation is significantly better and I can now see a long and happy future with my partner thanks to the support I got from Paula. I would highly recommend Paula, not only is she fabulous at what she does she is also a really lovely lady who made me feel at ease.”


“Separation and divorce are an all too common occurrence and lots of us hope it never happens to us; but it does. I am still in the middle of my separation and Paula has provided me with a safe haven where I can talk, get advice and sympathy. However, Paula’s services are not simply to comfort; she offer practical advice; in a professional manner, of the steps to be taken to get back on your feet and be in control of your own destiny.

It is said that separation/divorce is similar to a death in the family and the pain that one experiences can be overwhelming. What should I do? Where do I go? Am I to blame? So many questions and so much anxiety and yes, even fear. Paula can help shift through the fog. Like me, you should use all the resources you can and I highly recommend Paula to help you get through one of the most traumatic times in your life. You won’t regret it.”


“Thank you so much for your help today. I will share your details with a group of ladies, who I know are finding it difficult to cope at this moment in time. You have given me the courage to call the solicitors. I look forward to you walking through this journey with me. You understand the heart wrenching feeling that comes with it all and you have given me hope. After talking to you, I feel lighter inside & once I get through this I will be ready to bloom once again.”


“You will be in very capable hands, because Paula has first hand experience of this life changing event. With Paula’s help it may actually turn out to be a very positive process which improves your life in the long-term.”


“I was recommended to contact Paula as I am currently going through a divorce . It is the single hardest thing I have ever done in my life and at times I have felt overwhelmed. I am blessed with many very good friends and a very supportive family but having someone objective has been very useful . Paula is very easy to talk to and has helped me to understand my husbands behaviour and develop strategies and coping mechanisms going forward.”


Paula was a trusted, valued and highly respected member of our school team. She supported children and their families at times when they were dealing with various issues, including family break-up, which affected their mental health and well-being. With experience in adopting a range of strategies and approaches enabling her to communicate effectively with vulnerable children and gain their trust. She always maintains a professional approach and liaise well with parents to maintain a holistic approach. As a result of the work she provided, children were able to make progress with their learning in school, despite the issues they were dealing with in their personal lives. Paula completely supports the understanding that the mental health of young people is essential in order for them to fulfill their potential.

Sonia Strickland, Executive Headteacher

I came across Polly Bloom on Boxing day, had recently separated from my wife & was finding life extremely difficult. Christmas had been very different and left me feeling extremely lonely and upset. I couldn’t contain my upset state of mind, so I took myself off to bed and as we do in 2020, started to sit on social media as a way of distraction. I also came across Polly Bloom on instagram and started to watch the videos on her page. Each story really resonated with me, I got comfort from watching them and decided to send a private message to the page as I thought sometime in the new year I might receive a reply.

My message said something along the lines of, “I like the work you are doing & wonder if you might be able to help me?” Unbelievably my phone rang! It was Paula. I couldn’t believe she had taken the trouble to call me on Boxing day!!! She spent a good 40 minutes on the phone with me listening to my problems. I came off the phone feeling better as I had spoken to someone without judgement but someone I just seemed to click with. I booked a 1-on-1 session with her the following week. The session came round and Paula has listened, guided and shown me some fantastic coping mechanisms to try and help on the days when I am not feeling A1. I would highly recommend Paula, she is the most empathic person you could wish for when you are feeling at your lowest point, she has a passion for what she does and is there whenever I need her.

Someone in need, with regards.

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